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Custom Chenille


Logos   can be done in a combination of chenille and embroidery  depending on the detail of the logo. Using custom chenille patches is a great way to make your custom varsity jacket unique to your school and team. These custom patches and emblems make your varsity jacket stand out in the crowed. When ordering a custom letterman jacket or varsity jacket.  Keep in mind  your schools colors  or company colors .

The logo is what determines what part is done in embroidery or chenille. Usually the fine details have to be embroidered. We  will make one custom logo  patch and never charge a set up fee. . We never have any minimums on our custom chenille emblems logo or patches.

We have four sizes of custom chenille patches that are good for logos

Five inch starting at: 39.00

Seven inch starting at 49.00

Ten inch starting at : 59.00

Tweelve inchstarting at : 69.00.

Large Image





There are many different images that schools use for there  Mascots. These Mascots make your  varsity jacket unique and stand out in a crowed.
These mascots  adorn  your teams varsity jacket.
Most schools  use  animals for there Mascots such as a Tiger , Bear , Wildcat, Bulldog, or Lion. Some other popular mascots are Devils, Spartans, Ciefs, Braves, Indians, Warriors, Knights, Aztecs, are used to.
We  can make your custom chenille mascot patch in any color combination.
There are never any set up fees   and we have no minimums for these patches. We recommend a size five inches for  the front.  and 10 inches on the back.
Yellow Jackets Mascot Terrier Mascot
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 5 inch  39.00
7 inch  49.00

10 inch 59.00


12 inch 69.00



Activity Patches


Here  are some of the most popular patches: Basketball,  Fencing,  Band, Cheerleader,   Megaphone,
Golf, Softball,  and football. But we can make any  sport patch or activity patch.  All you need is a image file of  what you like.

Since all our patches are custom. We  can even add your Number or special text  inside the patch.
Activity patches come in these  sizes 4 inch , 5 inch or 6 inch.


Four inch: 16.00

Five: 20.00

Six inch: 25.00

Seven inch: 30.00

Trumpet Patch Basketball Patch Foot Ball
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Bars and Chevrons


Bars and chevrons can be made in your schools or teams colors to match your Varsity jacket. We can make your  patch with the amount of bars  or chevrons you would like recommended size is 4 inches. These usually are placed

on the sleeve of your varsity or letterman jacket.

Single: 5.00

Double 10.00

Triple 15.00

Quad 20.00

Chevrons Bars
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Jacket Options

 Wool Byron Collar   17.00
1/2 wool/leather Byron collar 22.00
 Leather Byron  25.00
Raglan sleeves 20.00
Leather snap cuffs 20.00
 Zipper Panel for embroidery  15.00
 Leather corded edge  6.00
 Mixed color snaps  15.00
 Two color leather sleeve  20.00
 Inside extra pocket  12.00
 Nylon lining  No Charge
 Quilted lining  No Charge
Shoulder leather inserts  20.00
 Front  zipper  15.00
  Lambskin sleeve when avaible                                     25.00  
Double Inside Pockets Inside Zipper Panel Double Leather Inserts
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